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What Is The Best All Round Turf For Queensland

Getting the best turf for your Queensland home can add beauty, functionality and curbside appeal to your property. The right grass needs to match the natural environment of your location and the needs of your family and friends. Are you looking for grass that will withstand a lot of sun? Is watering often a concern? Or are you looking for less maintenance?

At Brisbane Turf, we have something to suit every Queensland home and lifestyle, so read on to discover a few of our best all-round turfs.

Shade Loving Turf
Almost every plant needs at least some light to grow however, some varieties of grass can withstand less daily sun better than others. Some of the best Brisbane “shade-loving” grass varieties include GT Buffalo, Sir Walter Buffalo, and Palmetto Buffalo. Each of these varieties only requires a few hours of direct sunlight each day to grow, allowing them to thrive in darker environments such as those surrounded by trees, awnings, or sun-shades. With the right type of grass, the areas of your lawn in the shade can be as thick and lush as those basking in the full sun.

Drought Tolerant
Homeowners in Queensland know best that conserving water is often a priority, especially during the dry season. That’s why having turf that can resist drought conditions and tolerate less water can be beneficial when it comes to having a green, healthy lawn year-round.

GT Buffalo is not only very shade-tolerant grass but it also is drought-resistant with a strong root system to support it. Palmetto Buffalo also requires less water and has a stunning broadleaf and year-round colour. However, Nara Native Zoysia (which is native to Australia) is one of the most highly drought-resistant turfs around. This variety is the perfect choice if your area often has watering restrictions in place due to low rainfall. Nara does very well in both humid and dry environments and can also tolerate salt in coastal areas, making it ideal for beachfront properties or those with a saltwater pool. For its part, GT Matrella is also a variety that can withstand long periods of drought without dying out and really loves full sun.

To fully optimise your lawn’s resistance to drought, if you are not under a government watering restriction, water your lawn less frequently but for longer. This can allow the water to sink deeper into the soil, thereby promoting deeper root growth.

Maintenance Level
You may want a lawn that requires as little care as possible so you can spend more time relaxing on it rather than mowing it. Empire Zoysia is a turf variety that really does require less watering and mowing than some other varieties. If you have a sunny property that gets a good amount of foot traffic, Wintergreen Couch is also a variety that requires minimal maintenance, as is GT Couch. Both of these turfs are capable of rapid repair thanks to their creeping root system.

Native Turf
Bred right here at home from Zoysia Macrantha, Nara grass is native to Eastern Australia. This low maintenance variety only requires fertilizing about once or twice a year, and is highly drought tolerant. Brisbane Turf offers Nara Native Zoysia turf, which is known to do extremely well in humid and dry conditions.

Brisbane Turf is your got to for high-quality turf varieties delivered straight to your door. If you’re looking for the best all-round turf for your property, then rest assured. Our wide range presents a solution for every environment, look, lifestyle and budget. You can order your turf, have it delivered, and lay it yourself or opt for our full installation service. It’s that easy!

Please allow 48 hours for order delivery as our grass is cut fresh from the farm. Check out our wide selection of turf online or call today to find out more!

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