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The Importance of Turf Consultation

Getting new grass for your property can be exciting. The right turf adds that coveted finished look to your outdoor space. Healthy, green grass provides a comfortable and attractive place to relax and spend time with others while adding value and aesthetics to your property.

But which turf should you get? There are many turf varieties to choose from and investing in the right type of grass to suit your environment is critical. The wrong turf in the wrong environment can die quickly or become full of weeds, which results in wasted money and creates a real eyesore in your yard.

Consulting with experts before choosing turf for your home, holiday home, or place of work is of utmost importance. You want to get things right! The right turf consultant will look at the amount of water available, the foot traffic, the type of soil, and more. A turf consultation can set you on the right track before you invest. Read on to find out why consulting with Brisbane Turf Installers is imperative!

Are You Irrigation Ready?

One of the most important factors when it comes to keeping your grass healthy and green is water, water, and more water! The best way to ensure your lawn will get the water it needs immediately after installation and throughout the year is to install an irrigation system.

An irrigation system allows you to water your lawn automatically. Immediately after your turf is installed, it should be watered a few times daily to ensure the lawn stays healthy and grows adequate roots.

After this adjustment period, arrange the settings to have your system run automatically at least a few times per week in the dry season. Set the system to run for a minimum of 30 minutes, which allows your turf to soak in more water and lay down deeper roots than watering for shorter periods of time, such as 15 minutes.

Having a quality irrigation system in place is integral to successfully growing new turf on your property, and is one of the first jobs you should do.

Foot Traffic

Next, you’ll want to consider your foot traffic. A turf consultation with Brisbane turf installers can help you determine how much foot traffic your grass will encounter. This directly affects the type of turf that’s ideal for you to install.

If you have a larger family with kids and pets who will be playing and spending a lot of time on your grass, you’ll want a hardier variety that can withstand regular wear and tear. Some varieties of turf are self-repairing and this can be useful in such situations.

A professional turf consultation with the best Brisbane turf installers can help point you in the right direction.

Right Type of Soil

Choosing the right turf also comes down to the type of soil available on your land. Knowing your soil type is an important step towards making the best selection.

If the soil available isn’t ideal, you might consider investing in laying a quality under turf first. Products like organic under turf from Brisbane Soils will pay for themselves as they enrich your grass from the bottom up.

Nutrient-rich under turf is made from composted vegetable material, manures, and screened topsoil. By laying high-quality under turf, you can rest assured your soil has the proper PH level for your grass. This is important for ensuring proper and consistent growth in your lawn.

After your turf is installed, keep it lush and green by applying graded top dress sand when needed. Organic top-dress fertilisers from Brisbane Soils also add nutrients to your ground to boost its health and promote an even surface on your lawn.

Brisbane Turf Supplies has a huge variety of new turf to choose from for all your commercial and residential needs. Additionally, our team of Brisbane turf installers offers knowledgeable and sound advice you can rely on.

Contact us now for a free turf consultation and quote and get the best Brisbane grass in the business.

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