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The Best Shade-Tolerant Turf

We certainly aren’t shy of sunshine in Queensland, especially in Brisbane. We are blessed with such stunning weather that we have the luxury of enjoying our climate and our backyards for nearly 12 months of the year. Our backyard living is what makes our lifestyle so appealing but it does come with considerations- especially with our grass! While we do enjoy the sunshine, it doesn’t mean that our yards always get the prime light. If your yard is not north-facing, or if you have a lot of shady trees or shrubs, you will need to consider shade-tolerant turf. Let’s dive a bit deeper into which new turf will thrive in your shady yard.

Sapphire Soft Buffalo

Sapphire Soft Buffalo (Buchloe dactyloides) is the best choice for shaded areas. It’s low maintenance, resistant to disease and insect damage, and has a high tolerance to heat, humidity and drought. It tolerates low light well and the blades have high water retention qualities which make them ideal for shady spots with poor drainage or heavy clay soils.

Another fantastic trait of Sapphire Soft Buffalo is that it has been proven to lower temperatures around the house by up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months. This occurs when used as part of an effective living wall design or another landscaping scheme that includes hardscaping elements like pavers and plantings along walkways or driveways. This is because these types of surfaces reflect light away from your home instead of absorbing its warmth. Talk about a new turf that keeps on giving!

Palmetto Buffalo

Palmetto Buffalo is also a good choice for a shade-tolerant turf. It’s a low-maintenance turf that requires little water and can withstand drought conditions, making it great for homeowners who want to spend less time on the mower.

Palmetto is perfect for any homeowner looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make their property more sustainable. The grasses have a slow growth rate, allowing them to thrive in shady areas. They also require less water than many other types of grasses because they grow roots deeper into the ground where there is more moisture available—even during dry periods!

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is another shade-tolerant turf that can handle the shade of your backyard. This means that it won’t burn in direct sunlight and will even survive under trees, trampolines, and cubby houses during the summer months. Due to its durability and low maintenance, Empire Zoysia is a great choice for shaded lawns.

You may want to consider this turf if you have a shady yard because not all grasses are suitable for shaded areas: some are susceptible to fungal infections or other problems that grow when they don’t get enough sunlight. It’s also important to make sure you have good drainage in order to keep your grass healthy year-round. You can achieve this by allowing rainwater out of your yard instead of letting it collect on top of your blades before running off into puddles at the edges of your house or patio furniture (which can cause nasty mould growth).

Nara Native Zoysia

Nara Native is a great option for sunny, partially shaded yards. It’s a durable, low-maintenance grass that thrives in warm conditions and is shade tolerant. However, it’s not ideal for extremely shady spots or under large trees because it can burn down to the ground if the roots don’t get enough sunlight or water.

You can choose the right turf for your yard.

Turf is a great option for shaded areas if you love the look and feel of natural grass, but don’t have the sunniest of yards. One of the mentioned turfs might be the perfect fit for you. With a little bit of water and some natural sunlight (depending on which type you choose), your turf will stay green all year long! Turf is also a great choice if you want something low-maintenance for kids or pets to play on – making it perfect for anyone looking for an easy-to-maintain backyard space in their home.

If you’re in the market for some new turf, we supply turf to Brisbane and its surrounds as well as the Gold Coast. Our turf is fresh from the farm and ready to transform your yard with some lush green blades perfect for kids and the dog. Get in touch today and let’s talk turf!

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