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The Best Salt Resistant Turf

Living on the Gold Coast is quite the luxury offering a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle. We get to enjoy some of the best of what mother nature has to offer. However, you know that there are some problems that come along with it: what saltwater and salt air tend to do to our homes, cars and our backyards. That’s why salt resistant turf is so important. Fortunately, you can choose a new turf that is resistant to salt that will thrive in your conditions.

There are Some Important Things to Consider

Coastal areas tend to receive rainfall on a regular basis and hot sunshine during the summer months – which can cause dry patches of grass around their bases if they aren’t taken care of properly year round with regular mowing/watering cycles throughout those times respectively (especially important when growing salt tolerant varieties).

You may not have to deal with the sun beating down in your backyard, but you probably do have the same problems that plague beach grasses: salty soil, dry air, and sand dunes. There are still ways for you to keep your lawn looking healthy and green no matter how much salt is in it.

The Best Salt-resistant Grass for Your Lawn Will Depend on its Location and Exposure to Saltwater.

The location of your lawn will play a large role in determining which grass species you should choose. If you live on the Gold Coast or another coastal town, it is important to select a species that tolerates saltwater. Since this factor is not always easy to determine, there are general guidelines for choosing a grass with high salt tolerance:

  • Choose a lawn grass that has been bred specifically for its ability to withstand drought conditions.
  • Likewise, use varieties suited to your region’s climate so they can thrive year-round without needing much attention from homeowners such as watering or fertilizing them regularly.

Salt Friendly Turf

When it comes to salt-resistant turfs, the most popular is the Zoysias family.

Nara Native Zoysia is the best turf for salt resistance as it can handle the most amount of salt compared to other turf varieties. Additionally, Nara Native rates high for water efficiency and drought. Given this grass has deep roots, it does well in drought conditions and areas that often have water restrictions making it the perfect choice for our climate.

Furthermore, it is easy to maintain. Nara Native requires less mowing and edging compared to most other varieties of turf as well as being tough.

The second best choice for salt resistance is the Empire Zoysia. It also boasts salt resistance although not as much as the Nara Native. It is also hard-wearing with a quick recovery time. This type of zoysia tends to keep that bright green colour year round.

When to Lay Turf

Nara Native Zoysia is a tough turf but installing it at the right time increases its likelihood to establish itself and live a long, healthy life. This particular turf prefers to be installed when the temperature is not too cold. Lucky for us on the Gold Coast, we generally live in a warm climate the majority of the year. However, spring is the best time to lay new turf. Remember to use a high quality under turf and you will enjoy your grass for many years to come.

The zoysia family of turf are the most salt resistant with the Nara Native coming into first place. This grass is also low allergen, hard wearing for kids and pets and is low maintanence. This is why it is the clear top pick turf for Gold Coast residents. To order your farm fresh turf, give us a call today.

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