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The Best Kid & Pet Friendly Turfs

Installing the best type of new turf for your home’s natural environment,  family needs and those of the furry persuasion, can be central to having a wonderful looking lawn for years to come. This is why choosing grass to accompany your new home can be a big decision.

So, with so many varieties on the market, what should you look for in terms of kid and pet-friendly turf?

Here are our top tips for choosing the best turf for your new home.

Look for durable varieties
Kids and pets like to tumble, run, and play which is why you’ll want grass that can withstand all the traffic. It can be a good idea, then, to get a variety that can grow back quickly should someone scuff it or the trampoline be left for too long on one corner of your lawn. Wintergreen Couch is a variety of grass that’s ideal on both fronts. This budget turf grows quickly and is well suited to walkways, playing fields, and domestic lawns and has a fine soft leaf making it super kid-friendly. GT Couch Turf is another durable variety that welcomes traffic and requires little maintenance. For a lawn that loves the shade and repairs quickly turn to Sir Walter Buffalo. Sir Walter has a broadleaf and is rather thick on the ground, making it ideal for keeping the weeds at bay.

Go for minimal maintenance
Family life can be busy so taking care of your lawn should be easy to do. Some varieties that can require less regular maintenance than others such as watering, weeding, and mowing include Wintergreen Couch, Gt Couch, and Empire Zoysia. Each of these has its own unique attributes and the experts at Brisbane Turf can help you choose the best kid and pet-friendly turf for your residence. As your local Redlands turf suppliers, our team is available to answer and advise on all your turf concerns.

Consider your yard’s level of shade
Many people find that keeping their grass green and healthy under a lot of sun can be a challenge however, with the right variety, this becomes easier. At the other end of the spectrum, having a garden with a lot of shade can also be difficult.

Palmetto Buffalo is a variety of grass with great shade tolerance as well as weed resistance. Thick and green all year round, this variety requires less maintenance than many other turfs on the market. GT Buffalo also requires only a few hours of sun each day to thrive, as well as the Australian favourite Sir Walter Buffalo.

Look for drought-tolerant grass
Having grass that can withstand little water and a lot of heat can be key.  Empire Zoysia loves extreme heat and humidity and can withstand moderate shade. This variety loves the sun and requires a bit less watering and mowing than other types.

Nara Native Zoysia is also highly drought resistance. This variety of turf is perfect if you can’t water a lot due to local restrictions or if there’s normally a lack of rainfall in your area.

How Can I Develop a More Drought Resistant Lawn?
While every lawn needs some level of watering to thrive, there are some things you can do to create a more drought and heat resistant lawn. The biggest contributor to a drought-resistant lawn is to establish a deep root system. You can do this by watering your lawn less often but for longer. This will allow the water to get deeper into the soil, giving the roots a good soak.

It’s also a good idea to keep your grass height a little longer. Now, you don’t want weeds to take over, but having a good height on your turf can allow your grass more space for photosynthesis, allowing it to create more food.

As your leading Redlands turf installers, Brisbane Turf has grass to suit every budget and environment. Freshly cut, packed, and delivered straight from the farm to your door, ordering turf from us is quick and easy. Contact us today for advice and get the very best kid and pet-friendly turf for your home.

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