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The Benefits of Underturf Soil for Your New Turf

Our range of freshly cut and packed new turf is the real deal. It’s healthy as well as hardy and offers specific extra benefits depending on the variety.

All turf needs proper nourishment to keep it at its best. That starts with what lies beneath it because it’s from there that your new turf is going to draw the minerals and nutrients it needs.

Find out what makes our Underturf soil a cut above the rest as we look at its benefits.

Underturf Explained

You’ll also hear Underturf soil referred to as topsoil. It’s the bed that lies between the existing soil layer and the new turf. It acts as a nutrient-rich foundation for the new turf to take hold and grow into. It helps to ensure the healthy root development of the new turf.

Natural, organic materials are the key ingredients for our Organic Underturf soil. There are no synthetic fertilisers or chemicals involved. This means it is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than other traditional topsoils.

Whether you are preparing to install palmetto buffalo, sapphire soft-buffalo, empire zoysia, nara native zoysia, or winter green couch turf, our organic underturf is suitable for all turf varieties.

Organic Underturf Benefits

We’ve packed our organic Underturf with nutrient-enriched organics. These consist of composted vegetation, manures and screened topsoil. Our carefully monitored composting process happens over a 4-month cycle.

The result is a product of consistently high quality. It more than meets the already high official standards set by the government for soil used in landscaping and gardens.

New turf needs plenty of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Here’s the lowdown on their importance:

Nitrogen gets “fixed” in the soil by “good” bacteria and other organisms into a form plants can use known as amino acids. These compounds then get absorbed through the roots of the new turf. They help the plant grow and make food for itself.

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for grass. It plays a key function in energy supply and root growth.

Potassium helps give the grass the power it needs to fend off stress, drought and disease. It can help grasses survive severe changes in the weather which we know all too well here in Brisbane.

By giving new turf a nutrient-rich foundation to grow on, organic Underturf soil helps promote healthy lawns that are more resistant to pests, diseases and drought.

Improving Soil Structure for New Turf

Our Organic Underturf soil strengthens the structure of the soil by adding organic matter. This makes it easier for the roots of the new turf to penetrate the soil. It also helps to reduce the chances of soil compaction.

Compaction happens when soil particles get pressed too closely together. It reduces growing space for roots in between them. Affected soils are less able to absorb rainwater which increases runoff and erosion. There may also be little space left for air and water to move freely, both of which are essential for root growth.

A More Sustainable Kind of Soil

By using our organic Underturf soil you are helping to protect the planet.  That’s because it contains no synthetic chemicals or fertilisers. Healthy soils are one of the most effective weapons in our fight against climate change.

Organic soils are about 25 per cent better at storing carbon over the long run, with soil carbon growing on average by more than 2 per cent per year compared to non-organic soil.

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