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The Importance of Turf Consultation | Brisbane Turf Intsallers
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The Importance of Turf Consultation

Getting new grass for your property can be exciting. The right turf adds that coveted finished look to your outdoor space. Healthy, green grass provides a comfortable and attractive place to relax and spend time with others while adding value and aesthetics to your property.

But which turf should you get? There are many turf varieties to choose from and investing in the right type of grass to suit your environment is critical. The wrong turf in the wrong environment can die quickly or become full of weeds, which results in wasted money and creates a real eyesore in your yard.

Consulting with experts before choosing turf for your home, holiday home, or place of work is of utmost importance. You want to get things right! The right turf consultant will look at the amount of water available, the foot traffic, the type of soil, and more. A turf consultation can set you on the right track before you invest. Read on to find out why consulting with Brisbane Turf Installers is imperative!

Unlock the Secrets to Lush and Healthy Turf
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Unlock the Secrets to Lush and Healthy Turf

Dreaming of a picturesque lawn that invites barefoot adventures and brings your outdoor space to life? The key to achieving lush and healthy turf lies in the right knowledge and a little TLC.

Read on as we unlock the secrets to nurturing your turf into a vibrant green masterpiece. From proper maintenance techniques to essential practices, get ready to discover the path towards a truly healthy turf that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

10 Common Turf Installation Mistakes to Avoid
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10 Common Turf Installation Mistakes to Avoid

If you plan to install new turf on your lawn, it’s essential to consider some important factors for a successful project. Ensure you are choosing the right turf for your yard and climate and if you’re installing your own turf, follow the advice of experts and do it right the first time.

While it may seem like a simple task, there are many common mistakes that people make when installing turf that can lead to a subpar result which can cause disappointment and a waste of both time and money. Here are 10 common turf installation mistakes to avoid:

The Benefits of Underturf Soil for Your New Turf
New Turf

The Benefits of Underturf Soil for Your New Turf

Our range of freshly cut and packed new turf is the real deal. It’s healthy as well as hardy and offers specific extra benefits depending on the variety.

All turf needs proper nourishment to keep it at its best. That starts with what lies beneath it because it’s from there that your new turf is going to draw the minerals and nutrients it needs.

Find out what makes our Underturf soil a cut above the rest as we look at its benefits.

Best salt resistant turf | salt resistant turf gold coast
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The Best Salt Resistant Turf

Living on the Gold Coast is quite the luxury offering a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle. We get to enjoy some of the best of what mother nature has to offer. However, you know that there are some problems that come along with it: what saltwater and salt air tend to do to our homes, cars and our backyards. That’s why salt resistant turf is so important. Fortunately, you can choose a new turf that is resistant to salt that will thrive in your conditions.

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