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Unlock the Secrets to Lush and Healthy Turf
Turf Tips

Unlock the Secrets to Lush and Healthy Turf

Dreaming of a picturesque lawn that invites barefoot adventures and brings your outdoor space to life? The key to achieving lush and healthy turf lies in the right knowledge and a little TLC.

Read on as we unlock the secrets to nurturing your turf into a vibrant green masterpiece. From proper maintenance techniques to essential practices, get ready to discover the path towards a truly healthy turf that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Brisbane Turf - Summer Lawn Care
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Summer Lawn Care – Brisbane Turf

Summer lawn care is a priority for anyone living in Brisbane! With the wet season in full swing, you really do need to approach your lawn care differently than you would in any of the other seasons. So, how do you build and maintain the health of your lawn this summer? Through proper watering, drainage, mowing, and fertilising- that’s how!

Read on to find our latest tips!

Banish Bindis With These Hot Tips | High-quality turf Brisbane

Banish Bindiis With These Hot Tips

Picture this: it is a sweltering hot Brisbane day and you need to cool off and quickly! It has been a hot and dry summer so the sprinkler is on after quite a few weeks of no rain and your high-quality turf is suffering. You kick off your thongs and make a dash for the sprinkler, you’re nearly there until you feel that familiar sharp pain in your foot- a bindii. A bindii in your foot is incredibly painful, especially in the sensitive feet of little ones. So how do you keep bindiis from growing on your new turf? What do you do if they appear?

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