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5 Common Lawn Problems & How to Avoid Them

Keeping your natural grass looking its best can take the right care and attention. Striking the right balance between nature and nurture can truly bring out your lawn’s best side. Homeowners may feel like getting great-looking grass can be a bit of a mystery, especially during the high heat of summer, but by sticking to a few tried-and-true rules, a fantastic, green lawn truly is possible.

How can you best care for your grass? As your local Gold Coast turf suppliers, we have created a list of five common lawn problems and how to best avoid them.

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New Turf, Turf Installation

Our Top Tips For Establishing a New Lawn

Getting new turf for your property is exciting. Beautiful new grass from Capalaba Turf Suppliers, adds a fresh, natural look to your home or business and presents a fantastic space for socialising, hanging out, and enjoying the value of the great outdoors.

Whether you have installed a new lawn in a shady area or placed one in a space that gets a lot of daily sun, there are several steps to helping your grass survive and thrive.  How can you best care for your new turf? Here are our top five tips.

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How To Lay New Turf!

Installing new grass is a bit like applying a fresh coat of paint to your living room. The process isn’t too complicated but it does require a few twists and turns. You want to make sure it’s done right so that your property looks its best.

How can you take steps to help guarantee your Brisbane turf will flourish once it’s laid out on your property? Here are our top tips for successfully laying new turf.

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