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Spring Turf Maintenance: Our Top Tips for A Lush Lawn
Turf Tips

Spring Turf Maintenance: Our Top Tips for A Lush Lawn

As spring is just around the corner, it’s time for us Queenslanders to roll up our sleeves and give our turf the boost it needs after winter and to prepare for another scorching summer. There are unique challenges that come with maintaining turf in our hot climate. To yield a lush, green and healthy lawn, proper turf maintenance is essential so our lawns can not just withstand but thrive in the heat of our summers.

Read on as we share our top tips for preparing your turf for the hot weather ahead.

Winter Turf Care: Unlock the Secrets to a Lush and Resilient Lawn
Turf Tips

Winter Turf Care: Unlock the Secrets to a Lush and Resilient Lawn

Our Brisbane winters are typically mild with an abundance of sunshine, clear blue skies, warm days and cooler nights. However, it is a dry season for us which poses challenges for keeping our prized turf luscious and green. There are essential tips and practices for winter turf care that you need to know.

Read on as we unveil the secrets to maintaining a vibrant and resilient lawn during the cooler winter months to help you transform or maintain your turf and make your neighbours green with envy!

Get To Know Your Turf Types
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Get To Know Your Turf Types

If you are a beginner in landscaping, choosing the right turf for your lawn can seem like a daunting task. With so many different types of turf available, it can be hard to know which one to choose for your new lawn. In this beginner’s guide, we will walk you through the basics of turf selection, the different types of turf available, and how to find a reliable turf supplier.

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5 Common Lawn Problems & How to Avoid Them

Keeping your natural grass looking its best can take the right care and attention. Striking the right balance between nature and nurture can truly bring out your lawn’s best side. Homeowners may feel like getting great-looking grass can be a bit of a mystery, especially during the high heat of summer, but by sticking to a few tried-and-true rules, a fantastic, green lawn truly is possible.

How can you best care for your grass? As your local Gold Coast turf suppliers, we have created a list of five common lawn problems and how to best avoid them.

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Our Top Tips For Establishing a New Lawn

Getting new turf for your property is exciting. Beautiful new grass from Capalaba Turf Suppliers, adds a fresh, natural look to your home or business and presents a fantastic space for socialising, hanging out, and enjoying the value of the great outdoors.

Whether you have installed a new lawn in a shady area or placed one in a space that gets a lot of daily sun, there are several steps to helping your grass survive and thrive.  How can you best care for your new turf? Here are our top five tips.

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