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Summer lawn care is a priority for anyone living in Brisbane! With the wet season in full swing, you really do need to approach your lawn care differently than you would in any of the other seasons. So, how do you build and maintain the health of your lawn this summer? Through proper watering, drainage, mowing, and fertilising- that’s how!

Read on to find our latest tips!

Watering: How much is enough?
Brisbane sees a good amount of rain in the summertime and how much you water your lawn depends on the weather. For the best results:

  • Water in the morning or evening
  • Avoid watering midday
  • Practice regular deep-watering
  • Don’t overwater

Midday is when the sun is at its peak. If you water during these hours, you risk losing a lot of the water to evaporation. When conditions are humid, avoid watering at night and focus on the morning to keep diseases such as mould and fungi from festering in your lawn.

Deep watering allows your grass to grow deeper roots rather than shallow ones, protecting it when times are dry. This is about a minimum of 15 minutes in all areas, once a week, if there’s no rain.

And of course, you want to avoid over-watering! If it’s been raining enough, leave your grass alone. A soggy lawn can take a long time to dry and it can also lead to hydrophobic soil that won’t allow the water to penetrate.

Drainage: Keeping your lawn fresh
When laying new turf, you want to ensure it has the right foundation. At Brisbane Turf Redlands, we want the best for your new lawn. That’s why we recommend applying a nutrient-rich underturf full of organic soil, as well as sand and topsoil to your yard prior to unrolling your turf. This makes a great foundation and helps promote healthy root growth and adequate drainage for your new lawn.

You also want to avoid waterlogged turf as this can lead to further problems down the line. Soil that contains too much water can cease absorbing water over time and become hydrophobic, causing your turf to die. By aerating your lawn and applying a wetting agent, you can help fix areas that have become patchy, improving the absorption of water and impeding pooling on the surface. The good news is that hydrophobic areas that have been restored and reseeded can begin growing grass in as little as 5 to 10 days.

When to mow your grass
Keeping your grass a bit longer rather than cutting it too short in sunnier times can help keep it healthier. The additional shade created by longer blades of grass can help cool the roots and the soil underneath. Mow your lawn about once every two to three weeks and avoid mowing areas that are too patchy or being re-established.

Generally speaking, your lawn can benefit from feeding on fertiliser at least once a year, preferably in spring. If you fertilise twice, go for spring and autumn. However, you need to avoid fertilising once daytime temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius. Fertiliser can be great for adding needed nutrients to your soil but too much will burn your grass and can cause lasting damage. Be sure to measure your fertiliser and apply it sparingly.

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With a little care and attention, you too can keep your lawn looking it’s very best this summer.

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