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How To Accurately Measure Your Area
For A Turf Quote

When you are comparing prices and getting a quote for new turf it is important to accurately measure the area you are going to cover.
You don’t want to have your budget blown out at the end because you over or under estimated.
Below you will find some simple guides to measuring the area of your yard so you can order just the right amount of new turf for your project.

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Finding The Area Of A
Rectangular Space

Start by finding the measurements for both the width and the height then multiple them.

Formula = width x height = m²

Finding The Area Of A
Triangular Space

Start by measuring your base and your height. Then multiply them together and divide them by 2 to get your area.

Formula = base x height / 2 = m²

Finding The Area Of A
Circular Space

Measure the radius for your circular area then square it and multiply it by ‘pi’ to get the Circular area measurement for your turf.

Formula = π x Radius² = m²

Preparing Your Area For New Turf

Clear Your Yard

Start by clearing your yard of all your old turf and any weeds, rocks or debris that is in the area you are going to turf.

Turn Over Your Soil

Turning over your soil with a pitchfork or shovel will help air and water penetrate the soil more easily. A bobcat with grader may do this a lot easier for you. 

Add Underturf

Adding Underturf soil will add much needed nutrients to your soil which will help your new lawn thrive. Especially if you have just had a new build.

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Don’t Get Caught Out!
Order Underturf With Your New Turf Today!

Ensuring that your new turf survives and stays healthy is very important when establishing a new lawn. Our organic underturf is the perfect lawn starter as it is packed with nutrients from composted vegetation, manure and a nutritiously screened blend of topsoil which is processed over a 16 week cycle into the optimum food for your lawn. Our underturf meets Australian landscape and gardening standards while also reducing the need for added fertilisers and growth treatments.

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