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Is Now A Good Time To Lay New Turf?

Laying new grass to create the healthy lawn you’re after can be satisfying and rewarding. Getting your timing right is part of the process for the best results. As with any plant, you want to make sure you get your grass in the ground at the best time in the year for optimal survival and growth.

Is now the perfect time to install? Read on to discover what this Redlands Turf Supplier recommends!

There are both drawbacks and benefits to laying new turf in summer, and watering it enough is always key to its success.

The Drawbacks to Laying New Turf in Summer
The summer can be a great time for being outside and enjoying the weather. But when things get too hot, going inside for some protection from the heat and sun can be necessary. Just as it can feel too hot for humans, excessive heat can also potentially be tough on your grass.

Laying new turf in the summer months can work well but it’s best to avoid doing so if the temperatures get too high. When the weather gets close to and above 38 degrees, it can be best to wait and lay your lawn later. If you have already purchased new turf, however, always install it and never let it sit around in rolls as it can quickly dry out and go to waste.

The Benefits of a New Summer Lawn
When the weather isn’t excessively hot, summertime can be the perfect moment to lay new grass. It takes your new lawn about two to three weeks to establish itself with a good root system, which is about half as long as new grass takes to settle in during the winter.

In this way, the summer presents an ideal opportunity for your new lawn to grow quickly and effectively. Generally speaking, the warmer your weather is, the faster your lawn will grow. Given that Summer in Brisbane can bring the rain, it can be an optimal time to lay new turf.

Different varieties of grass grow best under different conditions and considering your environment and how much shade your property gets comes into play. As a Redlands turf supplier, some of the most drought-resistant varieties of grass we stock include Zoysia varieties like Empire Zoysia, as well as Nara Native. Nara Native can actually lay dormant for up to five weeks in a drought period without dying off.

Tips on Watering Your New Lawn
Generally speaking, without enough water your grass can easily dry out in the summer months. While a new lawn is still getting established it’s extremely important to provide it with the water it needs to grow deeper roots. In the beginning, be sure to water your new lawn at least three times per day. In fact, it shouldn’t ever dry out. Consider having a sprinkler system installed before having your turf delivered in order to get this done easily.

Once your lawn is established after two or three weeks, you can reduce your watering to once a week of deep watering. It should be soaked to 25mm down like it would be with a good rainstorm. If the weather is very hot, consider watering your lawn deeply more often.

Tips to follow when getting new grass:

  • Always lay your turf on the same day it’s delivered. Turf is very perishable and subject to the elements, and you don’t want yours to dry out or die
  • Have your ground prepared before the new grass arrives
  • Be ready to water, water, and water it again!
  • Spray your new turf down as soon as it arrives to keep it moist and cool
  • Avoid walking on your new grass until it’s fully established with new roots (after a couple of weeks).

At Brisbane Turf we have a wide variety of turf to choose from ideal for both residential, community, and corporate use. We deliver our grass freshly cut from the farm to your door, offering the best in Redlands turf supplier. Our company offers turf delivery, and also turf installation for a small extra fee.

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