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How to Lay Turf In Wet Weather

It has been widely reported that La Nina is on its way for us here in Brisbane. Luckily, laying turf in the rain has its advantages such as a lessened chance of the turf drying out. With some great advice, proper preparation and great communication with your turf supplier, we can use this rain to your advantage when laying your new turf.

Do the Groundwork
• Prepare the ground for laying turf
• Remove stones and large roots with a spade
• Level the area using a rake (or similar)

Soil Matters
When laying your brand new turf, the preparation of the ground underneath is of utmost importance. For your new turf to take, it needs lots of breathing space for the roots to establish themselves soon after laying. This poses a challenge for those with clay-based soil as they are more likely to compact. In this instance, if you are due to lay turf in wet weather, ensure you are not walking on your clay-based ground beforehand. This minimizes the risk of compaction.

Furthermore, during the prep stage, you can add a layer of sand along with some high-quality topsoil to provide some drainage for your new turf. This gives the roots some breathing space to give them a head start in the establishment and prevents your turf from getting bogged with water.
If there is a chance your ground is too wet- walk on the ground with gumboots first. If the soil sticks to your boots give your turf supplier a call for some advice.

Lay Turf As Soon as It Arrives
The turf needs to be laid as soon as it arrives before the water has had a chance to fully soak in. If you leave your turf for too long, it will become hard, brittle, and difficult to handle. In wet weather, consider using a tarpaulin or plastic sheeting over the new turf to prevent further saturation until you can install it.

Water, Water and Water Again
While your turf might be wet on arrival and installed in the rain, that doesn’t mean your turf has had enough water to be happy. Depending on how heavy the rain is and how long its been raining, you will need to assess the water needs of your turf to properly care for it. In hot weather, turf needs to be watered up to 5 times a day from above. Think sprinklers and soaker hoses for the first few weeks.

Don’t Let Rain Stop You From Laying Your Turf
There’s no reason to let the rain put a stop to your turf laying plans. Turf can be applied in wet weather, provided it is watered immediately after laying and regularly for a few days afterwards. If you don’t have the time or energy to water your new lawn yourself, then ask your turf supplier how they would recommend watering it.

The turf needs regular watering so that it doesn’t dry out too quickly or die off completely (which could happen if left without water). Make sure you keep an eye on the weather forecast before deciding whether or not to lay your turf – and plan accordingly.

Laying turf in wet weather can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By being patient with the process and proper communication with your turf supplier, your new turf will be thriving rain, hail or shine. For the best turf advice in Brisbane- give us a call.

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