How To Lay New Turf!

Installing new grass is a bit like applying a fresh coat of paint to your living room. The process isn’t too complicated but it does require a few twists and turns. You want to make sure it’s done right so that your property looks its best.

How can you take steps to help guarantee your Brisbane turf will flourish once it’s laid out on your property? Here are our top tips for successfully laying new turf.

Start by Removing Weeds and Levelling the Ground
As they say, success starts from the ground up. Remove excess grass and weeds already present in the area. This takes a bit of time but it’s worth the effort. You don’t want alternative varieties of grass to mix with your new lawn, and weeds are something you definitely want to avoid.

To limit further growth, invest in some Roundup and spray your soil liberally with this herbicide. Do this a couple of weeks before you plan to lay your turf and repeat if necessary.

Next, level your ground. This is essential! Any bumps and lumps left on your soil will prevent your new turf from lying flat. Curved and bumpy terrain can make water pool in some areas of your grass and runoff in others, causing parched patches.

And remember, you want your grass to sit level with walkways and driveways. This means you’ll need to excavate down so that your grass sits level when placed on top of the soil. You’ll be adding in topsoil before placing your grass on the area and so you need to dig down about 125mm to 140 or 150mm below the top level of your lawn. Use a rake to even out the soil and make sure you cover all areas evenly.

Add Underturf and Fertiliser
Next, add about 100mm of quality underturf to the area. This creates an ideal environment for your turf to establish its roots. Spread the underturf evenly and make sure it’s top-quality and weed-free. Following this, spread and rake a starter fertiliser across the area to add needed nutrients.

Start at the Edges and Lay Your Turf
It’s to lay your grass! Begin laying your new turf at the edges of your property using full slabs. Make sure you start at the point furthest away from where your turf was delivered. This ensures you won’t be walking across newly laid grass each time you return to your pile to lay a new piece.

Work backwards. Lay new turf pieces directly next to one another with no spaces in between. For unusually shaped spaces, start at the edges and then work in straight lines where you can. Usually this is in the middle. When you reach areas with non-traditional shapes, cut and trim your turf to fit the space.

Roll Your Lawn with a Roller
You’re almost done. Use a lawn roller to ensure all corners of your turf are flush and firmly placed on the ground.

Apply Water ASAP
This final step is ultra-important. New grass needs a lot of watering and if your area doesn’t receive significant and consistent amounts of daily rain you will need to water your grass regularly. New turf can dry out quickly and isn’t as hardy as established grass.

Experts recommend that you apply a minimum of 25mm of water to your new lawn within the first 30 minutes of laying it. Keep your lawn healthy by watering it twice day, morning and evening, while it’s being established and throughout hotter months.

Once your grass has deeper roots you can water it less frequently but for longer periods of time.

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