How to Choose the Right Turf for Your Yard

Brisbane Turf - How to Choose the Right Turf for Your Yard

Usually, the primary motivation for turf installation is its aesthetic appeal. However, other things also come into play.

For example, turf comes with other benefits that include

  • Acting as a natural fire barrier
  • Providing a cooling effect
  • Increasing your property’s value
  • Excellent for mental health and stress relief

Moreover, there are different types of turfs too with each offering unique features and capable of handling varying climates and needs. This is why, at Brisbane Turf, we believe that successful turf installation always begins with choosing the right turf.

In this article, we will cover the key factors that you should consider when choosing your Redlands turf.

1.   Sunlight/Shade Exposure
It’s true, that Brisbane has very diverse climatic conditions. Therefore, one key thing that’s important to consider when choosing turf is the level of sun exposure or shade it will receive. For properties that receive normal amounts of sunlight, this is generally not a major concern.

However, if there are trees or buildings limiting sun exposure, it’s necessary to choose turf that is shade resistant. In this regard, the GT Buffalo Turf is an ideal choice. In addition to being a family-friendly hybrid turf, it’s also drought resistant. Two to three hours of sunlight a day are enough for it to thrive.

2.   Traffic
How many people will use the turf, and how frequently? Foot traffic is an essential factor when it comes to the durability of your Redlands turf. If many people use the lawn often, it must have the capacity to withstand high traffic and also, the ability to self-repair quickly will be important.

The Wintergreen Couch turf is a great option for high-traffic areas such as walkways and footpaths. This turf is a vigorous grower, ensuring that it can easily overcome any damage it might sustain.

3.   Whether Pets Will Use It
Beyond traffic, it’s also important to take into account the type of use your turf will receive. If it’s intended for your kids and pets to enjoy, it should be as soft as it is beautiful.

The Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo is one that fits the bill. It really is a family and pet-friendly turf due to its softness. Whether the kids run around barefoot or roll around on the lawn, there’s no risk of scratches. To top it off, it can retain its green colour relatively longer through the winter.

4.   Will it be Near a Pool?
While water is good for the health of the turf, a high salt content can be damaging. As such, for homes along the coastline or those with saltwater pools, this will be a key factor in your choice. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a discoloured lawn as the salt slowly dehydrates the turf.

For such homes, we often recommend the Nara Native Zoysia. Along with being salt and chlorine resistant, it also has a high tolerance to sun exposure being a native Australian Turf.

5.   Maintenance Needs
Arguably the only downside of turf installation is the maintenance work that follows. But, that’s not necessarily true. For example, if you hate mowing, we can recommend Empire Zoysia which is known to be a slow grower

With this premium quality lawn, mowing becomes a one-off event. This turf also does not require much water to thrive and is tolerant to humidity, heat, and moderate shade.

6.   How Hardy Is it?
Once the turf has been laid, many factors can affect its growth and health, hence its appearance. Such factors include foot traffic, sunlight exposure, weeds, humidity, etc.

If durability is the primary concern, then Sir Walter Buffalo stands out as the best option. It’s weed resistant, self-repairs quickly, and can survive only on three hours of sunlight. As a fast, summer grower, this turf will need some maintenance where mowing or wipper snipping is concerned.

There’s No Compromise for Quality
There are many reasons to consider turf installation. It may be for aesthetic purposes or for your kids and pets to have a safe place to enjoy and play. Either way, finding the right turf to suite your lifestyle, location and budget is imperative and this is where Redlands Turf comes in.

We have a wide range of turfs suitable for different needs at affordable prices. So reach out to us today for turf delivery and installation in Brisbane and the Bayside areas.

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