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How To Care For New Turf

Keeping your new lawn looking its best so that it thrives over time takes a bit of love and care. By going that extra step and helping your grass get off to a great start with deeper root growth that promotes longevity, you help guarantee the value of your investment.

As the best in Brisbane turf supplies, we take your turf to heart! Here are our top tips on how to care for your new turf.

Mowing: How Often?
It’s a well-known fact, that a handsome lawn is a well-cut lawn. When taking care of freshly laid turf it’s important to resist the urge to buzz and trim to military precision standards. New turf care requires your grass to be established with a root system before you try to mow it for the first time. Essentially, your new grass needs to be connected to the soil. If it isn’t, you could end up with a turfy mess!

Root growth can take about three weeks so be prepared to wait. In contrast, however, you shouldn’t wait too long as this can weaken your grass with overgrowth. Nature is a balancing act!

When your grass reaches a moderate length mow it by cutting no more than ⅓ off the top. Make sure the blades on your lawnmower are sharp for a clean cut. (Ripped grass is left open to drying out and to developing disease). Cut your grass again 4 to 5 days after its initial mow. Following this, establish a rhythm of cutting your grass about once a week, watching its growth so that you don’t leave it too long or cut it too short.

Watering: How Much?
Water is an essential ingredient when it comes to the health of your lawn. Redlands new turf needs a significant amount of water to grow properly. You should water your new turf within 30 minutes of laying it, and depending on the local weather and climate, continue watering it daily until the roots are fully established. The best times to water grass are in the early morning and the evening when the sun isn’t shining intensely on your property. Watering in sunny hot weather will see your efforts evaporate before they can sink into the soil.

So, how do you know when it’s time to water? Check your lawn every morning soon after it’s been laid. If your grass is dry or moderately damp, turn on the hose. A variety like Wintergreen Couch may need less water, as well as Nara Native Zoysia, and others may require more. Soak your lawn until water puddles slightly on the surface.

Apply water twice daily to your new turf for about two weeks, gauging its progress as you go. If you think your grass can use more water, go for it. For less, cut back. After two weeks you can water less frequently depending on the weather. Remember, a longer soak promotes deeper root growth, which results in greater strength and longevity for your lawn.

Again, it’s all about balance. Fertilising your new lawn too much can cause burning damage but neglecting to fertilise at all isn’t recommended. If you applied fertiliser to the soil on which you laid your tuf, you won’t need to fertilise it for a while. It’s advised that you apply lawn fertiliser about twice a year following the seasons. Applying fertiliser once in the spring will prepare your lawn for the summer months, and applying it once again in the autumn will give your grass the nutrients it needs to get through winter.

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