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General Turf Question

How long do you have to leave turf before you can walk on it?

Generally it is about 3 weeks or until you can not lift the turf and it has “taken root” to the soil. It is advised to stay off the grass as much as possible when watering early on as this can create an uneven surface.

What happens if I walk on new turf?

You should pre plan your watering routine and try to limit the amount you walk on your new turf especially where it has just been watered. Walking on newly laid turf can stress it out and create uneven surfaces.

What should you put down before laying turf?

Having a 50mm-100mm layer (depending on your subsoil) of a good topsoil or organic underturf is ideal. You can add water crystals and fertiliser to the prepared surface also. The better the root structure the more resistant your turf will be to pests, disease and fungus.

How long should sprinklers be on for new turf?

Generally, it takes between 15-30 minutes for a sprinkler to penetrate through the turf and deep into the soil. The first 100mm of the soil should be moist for the first 3-4 weeks.

Should I wet the soil before laying turf?

You can wet the soil the day prior so the soil is consistently moist, this is ideal however it is not necessary. Wetting your soil too close to laying can create a messy job and leave you with an uneven surface.

Can you lay turf on top of grass?

You should always remove old grass and any vegetation before installing new turf, the turf may survive if laid over grass, however, as the old lawn dies underneath your new lawn will deteriorate.

Can you lay turf on mud?

Mud is difficult to prepare and can compact, it can be laid on muddy soil however results won’t be ideal.

Can I pick up my turf?

We are a delivery only service and our minimum for delivery is 25m2. Pickups can be done from most landscape yards.

How long does it take to deliver my turf once I order?

We normally require a minimum 48-72 hours for delivery, however in busier times this can stretch to 3-4 days.

More Turf Installation Questions

Can you install my new turf?

We offer a laying service which includes moving the turf, cutting it in and rolling. Preparation of the area will need to be completed and ready for the turf to be laid. If you require machine work and/or supply and spreading of soil please call our office and we can suggest some recommendations.

Should I fertilise my new turf?

We recommend fertilising 4-6 weeks after laying. Water well prior to and after fertilising. Then it can be done every 3 months or as required.

What is the best time to lay new turf?

In QLD it can be laid year round, the warmer months in early Autumn, Spring, and Summer can be ideal, however, there are advantages installing turf in Winter including using less water.

Which turf is best for Pets and kids?

Kikuyu, couch varieties, Empire Zoysia and Nara Native are hard wearing options, Sapphire is also a great option if looking for a shade tolerant Buffalo variety.

How soon should I lay my turf after it arrives?

Your Turf should be laid the same day of delivery and watered immediately after laying.

How much underturf should I use?

Generally, it should be laid at least 50mm thick in areas where the soil is reasonable and at least 100mm thick in areas of shale rock or compacted clay.

What is the best turf for shady areas?

Shadetuff requires 3 hours direct sunlight and betters Sapphire which is one of the best Buffalo varieties in the shade, Palmetto and Sir Walter are also great shade tolerant varieties.

What is the best drought tolerant lawn?

Zoysia varieties have great drought tolerance, Nara Native can lay dormant for five weeks during drought without dying, and will green quickly once watered. Empire Zoysia also has great drought tolerance, couch also has a high drought tolerance.

When can I start mowing my new lawn?

Usually 3-4 weeks after laying or when roots are fully established. Only remove one third of the leaf when mowing and remove cuttings with catcher.

How often do I need to water my new lawn?

As a guide, every day when it has been newly laid for the first two weeks, it then can be reduced to every 2nd or 3rd day for the third week and as needed from there, in the hotter summer months it’s advised to water your turf for at least 15 minutes once a week when established.

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