5 Reasons To Include New Turf At Your Home

Brisbane Turf - 5 Reasons To Include New Turf At Your Home

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time. From unpacking your boxes, to painting, decorating, and finishing general sorting, there are so many things to get done. Ensuring your new turf is laid might come last on your list. But having a fresh, natural, green lawn outside your home soon after you move can bring many added benefits.

New turf allows you to use your outdoor spaces right away. It also increases the curb appeal of your property and makes it really feel like home. There’s no doubt that turf installation is a fantastic investment.

A Space to Socialise
A natural lawn gives the whole family a highly usable outside space. As new turf suppliers, our turf is perfect for children and pets as it gives them a safe, soft playing area, reducing the chance of injuries.

Real turf also provides an attractive area for adult relaxation while enhancing the aesthetics and value of your home. Whether you’re reading a book in the shade, or gathering with friends and family, grass can provide a soothing and attractive environment.

Nature’s Air Conditioner
Beyond the appealing look of natural grass, having a turfed lawn can actually help cool your home. With cement or tile surfaces, sunlight is absorbed and the surfaces around your property increase in heat, which in turn, can make your house feel hotter inside.

Studies have shown that grass has the opposite effect. Real lawn can be up to 30 degrees celsius cooler than artificial grass, and even 14 degrees colder than just naked soil. Having real grass around your home is like cranking up the air conditioning. In fact, grass is said to have twice the cooling power of a typical air conditioning system. Too bad you can’t have it inside as well!

Grass also works to control erosion on your property by having roots penetrate the soil. A natural lawn cleans your air by trapping a much higher percentage of atmospheric CO2 compared with shrubs and trees, and it also filters rainwater naturally. Simply put, grass is good for your environment.

Natural Fire Prevention
It’s true: no one wants to think of bushfires when settling into a new home. It’s good to know you have some added protection, should you need it, however, with a grassy area. Research has shown that having a well-maintained, watered, cut lawn around your home, as opposed to high beach grass, and lots of scrub and trees, can reduce the impact of a fire.

Grass Reduces Noise Pollution
Finally, grass is also great at reducing noise. Hard surfaces like brick, cement, or tile allow sound to bounce around and amplify. In contrast, a green lawn can absorb sound. You can’t control the neighbors’ Saturday night parties, but you can help turn down the volume on your own end, which is a bonus.

Our Turf is Straight From the Farm
Turf takes months to grow, and we use the right mixture of fertilisers to ensure your lawn is high quality and weed-free. At Brisbane Turf, we provide you with turf delivered straight to your door from our farm. Our farm suppliers grow and sell their turf varieties under strict standards and harvest it using a fully automated process. This means our turf is delivered very soon after its cut and you are often the first person to handle it.

With ten varieties of turf to choose from, we have something for everyone’s lifestyle and budget.

Order your ideal lawn and complete your turf installation yourself or have our team do it for you at a small extra cost. We prep your area with high-quality under turf for the best results, and guarantee you’ll love the results!

Because Redlands Turf sources directly from our farm, all orders take a minimum of 48 hours for turf delivery. Contact us now for a free quote and enjoy greener grass sooner!

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