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5 Common Lawn Problems & How to Avoid Them

Keeping your natural grass looking its best can take the right care and attention. Striking the right balance between nature and nurture can truly bring out your lawn’s best side. Homeowners may feel like getting great-looking grass can be a bit of a mystery, especially during the high heat of summer, but by sticking to a few tried-and-true rules, a fantastic, green lawn truly is possible.

How can you best care for your grass? As your local Gold Coast turf suppliers, we have created a list of five common lawn problems and how to best avoid them.

Not enough, or too much, sunlight
Of course, you can’t control the skies. A rain dance may help but we won’t guarantee anything. This being said, if your new turf Brisbane grass isn’t getting enough sunlight, this can cause problems with its growth.

Thin-looking lawns stuck in the shade won’t grow to be lush and healthy because they aren’t receiving enough nutrients from the sun. To combat this, prune your trees so as to let in light when and where you need it.

In contrast, if your lawn is out in the open without any shade, too much sun can quickly dry it out. If this is the case, help keep your grass attractive and lush by applying extra water on hotter days to keep it refreshed.

Weedy-looking grass
Sometimes, weeds can seem to take over your lawn. Digging them out and applying weed killer liberally can help. At times, however, it’s not weeds that you are seeing but grass that has simply been left to grow too long. This can lead to your grass going to seed, creating a weedy look amongst the blades of green.

To avoid this, mow your lawn regularly to keep it from growing so long that it reproduces. Cut your grass to about three to seven inches long.

In addition, remember to keep your mower blades sharp. Dull blades can create a ripped look at the top of each blade of grass, fostering a dry appearance and encouraging the onset of disease.

Dry grass
Dried out grass has one best solution: apply water! To keep your grass from drying out, water it consistently according to the weather. Grass that is newly established needs more water than a mature lawn, and hot summer days often call for two waterings while cooler fall or winter days require less moisture. Water deeply at least once per week to create and uphold a healthy root system.

Dead patches
A bit of fertiliser is helpful but sometimes too much is applied to your grass. When this happens, the excess nitrogen can damage your lawn, burning it out. Be sure to only apply fertiliser every couple of months and to spread it evenly throughout your lawn’s surface. This will promote even growth and not overload your grass with excess nutrients. Be sure to water after the fertiliser has been applied. Reseed any areas that aren’t growing back.

Dog marks
In addition to fertiliser, dog urine also contains nitrogen that can damage your lawn. Try to give your dog more water to dilute the nitrogen it puts out. Also, apply water after your dog pees on the grass to wash it down.

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